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6 tips for a successful photoshoot with your toddler

Sessions with toddlers are undoubtedly the most dynamic, energetic sessions there is!

Our job (as photographer and parents) is to keep your little munchkins interested and keep them comfortable throughout the whole session.

Together with, we put together 6 tips to help you get the best out of a session with a toddler! Here we go:

1 - Pick the right timing

You know your kids better than anyone and this is why, when booking our session, I will ask you when is the best timing to schedule our photoshoot.

Does your kid take an afternoon nap? Is there a time of day he/she tends to have less patience? We will avoid booking during these particular times for bigger chances of a happy toddler.

2 - Manage expectations

Predictability can be a good friend. Often it helps to explain to your children what is going to happen and get them used to the idea of a photoshoot.

This prevents them from being surprised by the photoshoot and feeling overwhelmed.

Showing them examples of family pictures or mentioning my name to them before the session, are little tricks to make your little one more familiarized with our session.

I am pretty sure you do this already, but you can also practice taking pictures with him/her at home so that they get used to standing in front of the camera.

3 - Patience is key

Although I set a time limit for my sessions, this is just an estimate of how long it should take.

If your little munchkins need a break, need to cry, need a tight hug or a long cuddle, then that is what we are going to do. It's imperative to be patient and keep your little one at ease during the whole session.

4 - Invite a buddy

If your kid is feeling shy, we can always invite a buddy to join the session. This can be their favorite stuffed animal, a toy or a pet. If our session happens at your home, I will ask them to show me their awesome toys or their bedrooms and before they know it, we become best friends :)

5 - Keep it fun

Something you will never hear me say is “sit still and smile”. Instead, I encourage tickle fights, crazy faces, ask you to give eskimo kisses or “count the little toes of little brother/sister” for example.

6 - Redirect energy

Toddlers are incredible little balls of energy, the best way to handle it is to redirect this energy to activities that you know they enjoy and that I know look great on camera!

We can jump, play, run or dance. This often ensures the nicest photos and will keep your little ones comfortable and cheerful. We will make a game out of it and between the games and cuddles the most precious and spontaneous photo happens.

The most important rule is: Let your kids be themselves. My high-speed camera will be there to capture it all.

Following these steps will definitely help make the session fun and lighter for everyone and make sure you get those beautiful long-lasting memories captured!

Have any specific questions regarding your kid's photoshoot? Don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help.

This article was written in collaboration with, the babysitting community of Belgium with more than 19,000 active babysitters.


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