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Sanne & Anthony, the proud parents of Marilou were looking for a relaxed baby photo session at their home to capture their first days together with their little wonder Marilou.

It turns out Marilou came into this world a little bit earlier than expected (dad was literally painting the room when he got the call to go to the hospital!) So Marilou was one month and when I met her and the cool thing of lifestyle photoshoots is that your baby doesn't need to be a specific age to be photographed. Because there is no forced baby posing, it is 100% up to you to decide when you want your session to happen.

Our photoshoot began with a good chat and with a tour of the house, where I spotted the right places with natural light for the session: the couch where they usually hang and feed Marilou, this beautiful big window in their kitchen, the picture-perfect baby room of Marilou, and the parent's room where I usually like to use the bed to take pictures of the baby alone.

We rotated between pictures of the 3 of them together, mama and baby, papa and baby, and the baby alone. This rotation flows through the session depending on the baby's needs (and to give the parents a break from time to time). If Marilou was having cramps, then some mama magical back massages calmed her down, if she was comfortable with being alone then I would jump in and take some pictures of Marilou by herself. This is all done in communication with the parents who know what their little one needs.

The result is a series of pictures that are overflowing with love, that showcase not only their new family but also their home! So that one day in 15 years they look back and this "remember when she was so tiny and the couch was so clean? :D"

Scroll down to enjoy the result of this baby photoshoot:

Looking for a relaxed lifestyle baby photoshoot?

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