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The Baby studio bible: Booking your photoshoot in 8 steps

I have been working hard during the last months to build the best experience from the moment you send me your first email up until getting your images delivered.

If you are looking to book a session with me but are curious about how it all works, this article is for you!

I am spilling the beans! Let's dive right in:


The first little step

It all starts with your email inquiry, Instagram or Facebook message, the first little step.

Although I have my pricing written on the website, I always like to send out my pricing list document too, where you can access not only the pricing but also more details about my workflow, who I am and how others experience my photoshoots.

Getting to know each other

Each family is unique and each client has their own idea and expectations for their photoshoot.

This is why at this stage I like to schedule a call with you, to hear exactly what you are looking for in a photoshoot, to learn more about you and your little one(s) and to answer any possible questions.

This is also a great way for you to "feel my vibe" and know if we are a great fit for each other.

Photoshoot confirmation

So we now know each other pretty well, I know exactly what you are looking for and we both know we are the perfect match!

At this point, I am kind of jumping up and down with excitement and probably forcing my cats to do a happy dance with me!

I share my agenda with you where you can see all my availabilities and book your preferred hour and date for the session. This system blocks the date immediately for you and I get a notification of your booking.

You then get an email from me with the payment details in order to confirm your session as well as

my baby photoshoot guide with tips and tricks for the session (in case you book a baby session)!

I have also written a blog post full of tips here.

Making it happen!

The day before your session I often like to send a message letting you know that everything is ready for our photoshoot and that I haven’t forgotten about you :)

I prepare my backpack, empty my SD cards, charge my camera, pack whatever extras are necessary and here I go!

If you live in Antwerp (and if it isn’t pouring rain), it is very likely I will drive to you with my bike! If not, I use a car-sharing platform to reach my clients.

After arriving at the location I always like to have a chat with you, meet your little munchkin(s), do a little tour around the location and check the best spots for the pictures.

In case of a baby shoot, the session can take up to 3 hours. I have found that this long time frame takes the stress out of me and my clients if the baby cries, needs a break, diaper change or feeding. Taking it easy is the motto!

For a maternity and kids photoshoot, I find a 1-hour session definitely enough to make the desired pictures without you or your kids getting tired.

After the session

This is when the process of selecting and editing starts!

I usually do the selecting and editing over the course of several days. I definitely like to take my time on this part to make sure each picture looks perfect! I commit to deliver your finished pictures up to 10 working days after our session.

This is the part where each image gets that dreamy and bright feeling, where I work on your skin tones and correct small things, such as little scratches on the face of your baby or an ugly plug on the wall (Yes, I truly cannot stand those in the pictures)

I usually take between 600 and 800 pictures per photoshoot and deliver around 100 to 120.

Gallery Delivery

I use this awesome website called Pixieset to build your own private galleries.

In this gallery, you can see all your pictures, choose and purchase your digital images, prints, and even albums.

You can also easily share the gallery with the grandparents, godparents, friends, neighbors and the pets to show off your awesome pictures and let them help you choose!

Take a sneak peek at what a gallery typically looks like:

Your photoshoot lives on

It is amazing to see how each session is unique and special and this is exactly what I am striving for.

The pictures we will make together will become this little time travel portal that throws you back into this treasured time and oh how lucky am I to be a part of it!

Thinking about booking a session?

Contact me with your questions and ideas! I will be happy to hear them.


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