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Charlotte & Juliette - A look into a Baby shoot with an older sibling

Charlotte. A little lady with intense blue eyes and an untamable hair.

Juliette. The big sis, with infinite love for her newborn sister and so so sweet!

Welcome to the session of these 2 lovely ladies and her parents! In this blog post I will tell you all about how this photoshoot was planned out and show you the extended results of it ! Shall we begin?

The planning: For this photoshoot we had a clear strategy: start our photoshoot while Juliette (the big sister) was taking her afternoon nap. This way we could take alone pictures of Charlotte with her parents and by herself in a quiet room. After raiding the house after I arrived I chose the bedroom as the perfect location for our photoshoot. It was very bright and airy with a big bed, which is perfect!!

We started our with pictures of Charlotte alone and proceeded with pictures with mama and papa together and separate.

After one hour of alone time, Mama went to wake up Juliette while I proceed further with some pictures with Charlotte and her Papa!

A rush of sweet energy comes through the room, with a shyness that only lasted for about 2 minutes!

Juliette was super excited and oh so sweet with her baby sister!

Pro tip:

My biggest advice for kids sessions? Let them be! I mean it! Let them explore, let them play and cuddle and do their silly things!

Instead of saying "sit and look at the camera" I say "Can you count how many little fingers your sister has? Have you felt her hair? It's so soft! Try it!" This way I trigger curiosity, I trigger genuine feelings to capture on camera. If they need a break, let them take a break and we proceed with pics of the baby, soon enough big bro or sis will want to be included again :)

The looks: For this session my clients wanted a clean look so we decided on a white body for the baby to wear and white t-shirts for the rest of the family .There was also time to take some pictures with Charlotte without her diaper. A very pure and cute look I always like to capture too!

The final result: A warm lovely photoshoot with 2 gorgeous sweet ladies and an awesome family of 4! Take a look:

Thank you for reading my blogpost! Hopefully you could have a little peek on how the baby sessions with older siblings happen! Still have some questions? Contact me and I am happy to answer them all!

Feel free to visit my portfolio for more pictures of other sessions and the blog for other stories!


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