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Spring Mini Sessions 2019 - the throwback

During the weekend of the 27th en 28th of April newborns, babies, kids and mamas-to-be joined me in the Greenhouse of the Den Botaniek in the centre of Antwerp for the Spring Mini Sessions!

What are Mini Sessions?

Mini Sessions are photoshoots of around of 20 minutes. I organize these weekends where I host several families in a cool location, always in or around Antwerp.

The Mini Sessions are perfect for marking a milestone on your baby/kids' life, update your photo album, get Christmas, Bday or Communion cards made, Mummy and me photoshoots, etc...

How the hell do you organise Mini Sessions?

Well, the most important is Location Location Location.

It needs to be a place that excites me, because if it excites me, it will most likely excite the kids and their parents too!

I like to keep things simple and so the concept for these Mini Sessions was pretty minimal too: a bunch huge floating balloons in an idyllic jungle-y type of place where kids could run around!

After scouting locations for months, I found this little oasis right in the middle of Antwerp.

The staff and coordination of the Den Botaniek were extremely helpful and flexible, before and during the sessions. If you haven't been to the greenhouse yet, I totally advise you to just go and admire this tropical paradise!

You can say that mixing kids, balloons and cactuses is a very risky combination but I have to say that we only had a few casualties and they were all balloons, no kids were harmed during the capturing of these pictures!

The greenhouse was exclusively opened for us so the kids could run wild and explore the plants while I was photographing them. For the mini mini babies, I asked the parent's to come in the picture and hold them since it was not a scenery suited for laying babies. For babies that could sit already, I added a nice plaid on the floor so that they could sit and crawl around!

It's the little things: After the photoshoot each family took a little floating balloon home so that they could take a little of this experience home with them!

Take a look at the final results:

2 days full of energy, cuteness, giggles and love!

Thank you to everyone who came ♥️

Looking for a Mini Session yourself?

Take a look at the Sunset Sessions that are happening right now, or keep an eye on my Instagram for future announcements!


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