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What To Wear For A Lifestyle Photoshoot

What looks good on camera and the big outfit no-nos


You finally found a photographer you trust and feel comfortable with, you booked your photoshoot and the questions start to rise!

What are you going to wear?

I spent some time making a guide for my clients where I explain what works best for the camera and what not, how to prepare your home, what to expect from the photoshoot etc, and I have decided to share some of these tips on my blog!

Planning or having a photoshoot soon? Here is some of my advice on how to choose what to wear and to slay those pictures:


Wear something you feel good in

The biggest and most important rule of them all!

Wear something that makes you feel beautiful, confident, powerful and comfortable in. When we do such genuine authentic type of photography, all your emotions come through. You are a gorgeous parent of an awesome kiddo and you need to show that off!

Feel free to wear patterns, accessories and layers if it fits your style.

Mother and father standing holding their sleeping baby on their arms

Picture yourself within 20 years looking at these pictures.

Will you like what you are wearing?

The intention of these pictures is that they will immortalize these moments forever. This rule is specially important for accessories and items that might be trendy now but not in 20 years.

It’s a great idea to lay out your outfits before our shoot and see how they go together. I’m happy to make suggestions once I arrive.

If you are nursing keep that in mind when planning your outfit.   Something with a scoop or V-neck will make nursing easily accessible. And of course you can wear your favorite nursing top or dress.

logos, text & numbers

The human eye is instinctively attracted to text, numbers and shapes . So to keep the focus on your and your baby I advise avoiding these in your clothing.

For a minimal look for the baby I advise to wear a little white body or just a diaper. So simple, so cute and easy!

Extra tip: Fit the baby clothes before the photoshoot to make sure they are not too big or small for your baby. This will avoid having to roll up sleeves or finding a last-minute outfit that does fit.

Shoes and socks off

Ok, so this one is a very personal one! I am a sucker for natural looks and nothing ruins it more for me than a foot with a sock in the frame.

This, of course, also goes for your little one. If you follow me on Instagram you know I always love a good picture of a little baby’s feet. I always make sure I capture those cute toes during each baby session :)

And voilá! I hope you have better idea on how to get ready and look smashing for your pictures!

Can’t decide what to wear and need some personal advise? We can look at some options and decide together what will look best.

Feel free to visit my portfolio for more pictures and the blog for other stories, tips and inspiration!


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